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Dido: The complicated

I would like to give my review of Dido’s greatest hits.  Now let me be clear.  I’ve only listened to about half the cd but that is because the first half of the CD is so good!  It’s great!  First let me delve into the music the background instruments and such.  She has very catchy tunes so that helps someone like me to really get into the lyrics.  If I can bob my head or get caught up in the music, that makes it all the better for the lyrics.  One thing about me is that I am a self proclaimed band nerd!  I love all things symphonic, orchestry(is that a word, I’m guessing not by the red underline but this is my blog so what the hell….it’s staying!!) and instrumental.  Without that, my mind may wonder in the middle of the lyrics.  Now let’s get on the lyrics for a second.

The first song is “Here with me”  She is singing about her lover leaving, and leaving her behind.  But she is determined that she is what she is and does what she wants, but she will not be ok until he is resting next to her.  She is exposing the weakness of needing him to be with her in order to rest, sleep, feel herself.  In the second verse she says she doesn’t want to call her friends because they may wake her from this dream.  The fear that they will tell her that she has to be without her drug.  Because that’s what he sounds like to her.  She cannot breath, be, live without this person. That’s deep… but is that good?  See what I mean, Dido has you thinking all kinds of perfect worlds.

Let me skip to “Hunter” that is number 3.  Now when I first heard this song, it took me back to 2009 when I was at that point in my marriage.  And only because I wanted to get out of that nightmare I created.  I say I created because I got into it knowing the dangers, but that’s a blog for another day.  Back to Hunter.  She talks about coming home to someone she no longer wants to be with.  She describes him as King on his throne who thinks he owns her.   She wants to hunt again, she wants to take a chance on life, her own chance.  I don’t think he’s a getting it though because she doesn’t know how to tell him.  She just continues to live as if she were alone… “Oh look what the cat drug in”  That’s usually a line used by women to men right?  She asked him to let her go, let her leave.  The crown is heavy that he’s placed upon her head.  He’s claimed her for his queen but she is NOT ready to wear that crown.  She is feeling restless wanting to see the world.  I empathize with her on this song because sometimes you get to that point when you realize this is not the life you had in mind and you want to be free!  But is it so easy?  Dido sure made it seems so.  “Let me go, let me leave!!”  #Message

The next song I want to hit on is “Life for Rent”  And dog on it if just about all these songs have hit on feelings I’ve had or have at this point in my life.  “I haven’t really found a place that I call home. I never stick around to quite make it.”  The ramblings of a rambler!  Sometimes you just feel like you’re drifting in life. Not going anywhere, not anchored to anything.  Or is that just me?  The chorus is what really struck me when I first heard this song.  I felt a kindred spirit in those lyrics.  “If my life is for rent and I don’t learn to buy, well I desire nothing more than I get cause nothing I have is truly mine”  The only thing that is truly mine is my car….. doesn’t that speak volumes.  Some of us don’t want to be tied down.  Even though we go nowhere daily, we still have that option to GO…. where who knows.  But the option is there.  Our lives are for rent.  The best open space we’ll put money on and stay but only for a short time like the ramblers we are.  The way she begins the second verse always hit me right in the heart because I’ve had that EXACT thought here recently… A LOT!!!!!  “I always thought that I would love to live the sea, to travel the world alone and live more simply.  I have no idea what’s happened to that dream, but there’s nothing left here to stop me.  It’s just a thought, only a thought”  There’s nothing stopping her nothing at all but herself because then she ends it by saying it’s just a thought, only a thought, not reality.  Which you can make it a reality, your life is for rent… you’re not buying it!  A person can also look at this song as a tribute to the fact that we are only in this life for a short time.  IT’s borrowed time, it’s a lease of time.  The break though is the shiznit of this song.  “While my heart is a shield and I won’t let it down.  While I am so afraid to fail so I won’t even try. Well how can I say I’m alive?”  And that is the gist of this song. It’s not really about rent… it’s about taking a chance to do something lasting.  To do what you dream and not worry about the consequences.  But we’re so afraid to do that.  Sometimes I think we’re afraid to succeed and actually LIVE!!!

“Don’t believe in love”  The intro tells you what she wants, straight no chaser.  She is exercising her freedom to have a lover, but she doesn’t want him around in the morning.  I mean aren’t we free lovers these days…or used to be?  She doesn’t want to turn this into something meaningful because of fear.  I get that.  I REALLY REALLY do!  But to have a sign to tell him he’s overstayed his time…. OUCH!    But at a point you can feel the apprehension on her ” the second I feel your safe hand reaching out for mine. I slip away and out of sight, you’ve over stayed your time.”  Haven’t we all had that moment where we think YES this is it… I’ve finally found him, home, her, love…. only to be disappointed.  As the chorus starts “If I don’t believe in love nothing is good for me. If I don’t believe in love nothing is real for me If I don’t believe nothing is new for me!”  SO how about I don’t believe in it, get my rocks off and you can go home or I can walk out the door with no attachments, hence the friends with benefits.  But who does it benefit when we’re in it because we don’t want to be hurt? *sighs*  If only it were that easy!

Now the song that contradicts the previous songs… “White Flag”  In this song she is declaring her undying devotion to someone.  Yes Dido, undying devotion!!  She I still in love and refuses to give up.  I will go down with ship, I will put my hand up and surrender.  There will be no white flag above her door I’m in love and always will be. She obviously left him in “Hunter” but wants to come back and prove her love to him.  She left destruction in the mist, but wants him to know that she is still in love and will not give.  She is for real this time!  Should he believe her???  Would you?  In the break she say “And when we meet, Which I’m sure we will. All that was there, will be there still. I’ll let it pass and hold my tongue and you will think That I’ve moved on….”  Sorry sir, you’re going to see me and relive all the joy and pain I caused you.  I’ll let you think I’ve moved on, but I’m still here, still in love.  Oh Dido…. so like a dude in this song!  Wanted only his body, realized she loves him and now wants him to forget.  *Shakes my head*  And he probably will!

So there it is my review of some of Dido’s songs.  I just love her though because she is not afraid to express her thoughts in whatever they may be!!  Please comment below!!  ©TNB