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Comfortable in my skin… Are you comfortable in yours?


So, the discussion that I had in mind today is to talk about going it alone.  We all have friends and family that we enjoy spending time with.  Whether it be eating, shopping, movies…. all of these things we can enjoy with other people.  But what about enjoying them alone.  There was a time when you wouldn’t catch me doing anything by myself.  And I now know that the hesitation to anything alone came from lack of self esteem and the fear that I would stand out and judged as lonely or incapable of having someone wanting to spend time with me.  The first movie I ever went to see by myself was “The Cutting Edge”  I believe it was 1992.  I was in high school.  I really wanted to see this movie because I am such a sucker for romantic comedies.  But I knew no one else I knew would want to see it, so I sucked it up and went on my own and I loved it.  The movie and just the experience of going by myself.

Since then I have mastered the art of eating alone, shopping alone, and doing just about anything I want alone.  But there are still people out there that are not comfortable with it.  In some respects it’s about being comfortable in your own skin.  And also being able to enjoy your own company.  If you don’t enjoy you, how can you expect someone else too.

With the distractions out there, it’s more peaceful to partake in activities alone.  It definitely beats going to dinner with someone and they only have attention for their phones.  That is the most ignorant thing you can do to someone.  But we are a smartphone, Android, IPhone, social media eating world now.  So it’s to be expected that at least one person at the table will pull out their apparatus and start using it.

The only drawback to going to the movies alone is if you have to go to the bathroom, who’s gonna watch your popcorn and soda??  That’s then only thing I wish I could invent something for people to use in cases like this!  But this can be remedied as well.  Just go before the movie starts!!

The art of being comfortable with doing things alone, begins with loving the skin your in.   If we love our skin, the thoughts and criticism of others would not stop us from doing what we love.  That’s not to say that we don’t completely care, but why should we?  We were born in this world to be images of God.  To serve him and enjoy life in the mean time.  We put so much into what others think, that we forget that it doesn’t matter what they think.

Life is too short to worry about the small things in life.  We have to learn to get out there and enjoy life.  If that means taking in a matinee movie, do it.  If that means spending 3 hours in a book store reading and browsing, do it.  If it means enjoying lunch at a restaurant outside in the sunshine alone with a good book…. DO IT!  Don’t be afraid to enjoy the things you love just because you have to do them alone.

I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about what other people think about me.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to please other people so I wouldn’t have to do without their company.  But did these things make me happy in the mean time, NO.  Because I wasn’t doing what fed my soul.  Grasping for the approval of others can rob you of the peace and serenity that the soul needs to survive.  In no way am I saying to be selfish.  But is it selfish to take care of you first?  Because if you haven’t taken care of you, how can you take care of anything or anyone else.  So take a chance walk out in your beauty and grace and love the skin you’re in.  Because if you don’t love it, how can you expect others to love it?

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