The World outside my window……

Right now I’m looking outside my window at work, barely able to concentrate on my the work that’s before me.  Why is that?  For one I FINALLY have a window in my office.   I think the biggest reason is because I’m BORED!  I enjoy what I do most days.  But today, is not one of them.  I am a vocational rehabilitation counselor and I assist persons with disabilities to find and maintain suitable employment.  I’ve had several consumers who have personally thanked me with flowers because they were able to go back to work and never thought they would be able.  But together we made it happen.  There are days that I reflect on those consumers and know that I’ve done something special.

Days like today though, I feel like a robot.  Just going through the motions of documentations, paperwork, and monotony.  Is there a deeper reason for my feeling of staleness?  Perhaps…. perhaps not.  I can’t be sure.  All I know is that life is like a loaf of bread.  When it’s fresh it’s the most outstanding thing.  You can butter it, toast it, use peanut butter and jelly, and it’s the flavor that keeps it going.  When it is allowed to sit and get stale, you just want to throw it away and buy a new loaf.  Let’s be realistic.  You can’t throw away your life and you surely can’t buy a new one.

So what do you do with stale bread…. you make bread pudding…and when it’s fresh from the oven, it’s heaven.  So with a stale life, you make the best of it.  You mix it up with something fresh and new.  Tell yourself that your life is still your own and it’s up to you to renew it everyday.  No matter how bored and monotonous life is, you still have today.  God woke us up this morning to do great things.  Find something great and get to doing it!!  He didn’t have to do it but he did.  We have to stop wishing for another life and start perking up the life we have.  Like Forest Gump said his mother told him.  “Life is like a box of chocolate.  You never know what you’re gonna get!”  So if you pull out coconut and you hate it take another.  Find that peanut cluster you love.  Find that chocolate covered cherry that soothes your soul.  And start appreciating each day as it comes!!!

*My quoted analogy to chocolate and life is not my own, taken from the movie “Forest Gump”

*Although I do take credit for the peanut cluster and cherry statement!

06/21/2016 TNB©



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