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That word we dare not speak….. Suicide

I was listening to ESPN one weekend at work and the story was about Eric Kramer, a former pro-football player who attempted suicide.  He survived, which is a testament to the fact that he is supposed to be here to tell his story.  He suffered from depression for much of his life.  Playing football and the head injuries were apart of that. And could have possibly made it worse.  He lost his 18 year old son to a drug overdose and I’m sure that was difficult to process.  He planned his death by writing letters to family members.  He got a hotel room and shot himself.  To be a part of his family and know that he wanted to hurt himself I imagine had to be difficult.

He’s not the first and he’s not the only person who has thought about suicide or tried it.  Have you?  It’s a hurtful subject to deal with.  I cannot imagine what goes through a person’s head to drive them to these thoughts.  From what I’ve heard, people feel as though they have no other options left. They feel like their family would be better off without them.  They think that the world would be a better place without them.  They can’t see past their pain.   To see that their family would be eternally hurt if they lost you.  Your family, especially children, would blame themselves and wonder what they could have done to help you.  They will forever keep that thought in their minds.  So who’s life would be made better by killing yourself? NO ONES…. not even you OWN!

So have you ever thought about hurting yourself?  Have you ever thought about ridding the world of you?  I think we’ve all had the thought that maybe I’m not good enough to be here.  Or at least wondered how people would react if we were no longer of this world.  I know I’ve had that thought.  Not because I think I’m a bad person or feel like the world would be better off without me, but because I wonder what my impact has been on people.  You never know the impact you’ve had on someone.

But please if you have or have had friends that have thought attempted suicide or even thought about it, continue to check on them.  Continue to show them what they mean to you.  We never know what really lies behind a smile.  It could be hurt and it could be a hurt so profound, that the smile cracks.  But we have to pay attention to see the crack.  Make sure the smile is genuine.  It’s hard for some to ask for help, but we have to let them know we’re available for whatever they need.

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